How Can We Help? 

Principal Podiatry assess the entire body from the ground up- our center and base of support. Using the latest technology and treatments, Principal Podiatry aims to immediately address pain and find long term solutions to manage functional imbalances within the body.

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Who Do We Treat?

Principal Podiatry has vast experience treating people of all ages and activity levels. If you are trying to lead a healthy and active lifestyle but are being held back by pain we can help to ensure you have the best and most efficient and comfortable connection with the ground. 

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Our Commitment

Principal Podiatry offer contemporary podiatry practices with a focus on the individual. Our patients come first, and we ensure that our services are of lasting value and yielding long-term results. Our approach not only involves treatments, its about thoroughly investigating the cause of your foot concern. We listen to our patients goals carefully and ensure that we get you back on your feet (doing the things you love) as quickly and easily as possible.