Sports Injuries and Movement Assessments

A comprehensive Gait/ Biomechanical Assessment includes: 

  • Running/ walking assessment

  • Physical Assessment

  • Diagnosis and the identification of your injury’s causative factors

  • An explanation of how long your recovery will take

  • Identification of your treatment goals

  • Outline of any treatment options available to you

  • A home exercise program to help you immediately begin to make the best progress

Podiatry consultations are currently available at the Banyo clinic. Call 32675473 now to make an appointment.


What are Orthotics and how can they help?

Foot Orthotics (also known as Orthoses) are shoe inserts designed to support the natural shape of the foot and are designed to reduce stress on specific areas. Some of the benefits of Orthotics include:

  • Alignment of the ankle and body

  • Improvement of posture

  • Improvement of foot function

  • Increased mobilisation

  • Alleviating pain/ assisting in rehabilitation

  • Optimising running/ sports performance

Why is customising Orthotics important?

Just like prescription glasses, its important to get orthotics right. Our podiatrists will thoroughly assess your foot contours and biomechanics and use state of the art technology to design a complete, customised product that supports your unique foot structure and health/ lifestyle needs. Our orthotics are manufactured using the highest grade materials available. 

How much will it cost?

We pride ourselves on offering a premium product, at a fair and competitive price. We are for transparent pricing and will take the time to discuss costs (in detail) with your initial appointment. You're also welcome to contact us with any cost related questions prior to your appointment. We have a range of options for individual requirements/ budgets. Head over to the pricing page to get a breakdown of specific costs and associated private health codes to enable an accurate quote from your private health care provider.

How long will my orthotics last?

Orthotic life will depend on a range of factors including, how often you wear them, what activities you do in them, what shoes they are being used in and a multitude of additional factors. It is essential to have your yearly orthotic review to assess their function and prolong there lifespan. 

Podiatry consultations are currently available at the Banyo clinic. Call 32675473 now to make an appointment.

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