Running Assessments/ Workshops

What is a Running Assessment?

A running assessment identifies anything holding you back from getting the most out of your running, whether thats achieving your personal best or running pain free. Using state of the art technology we do a comprehensive analysis of your unique structure and style (gait) and provide specialised advise in a range of areas. We then prescribe a program specific to your needs and daily lifestyle that focuses on optimising performance and preventing/ rehabilitating injuries.  

Running assesments are useful for individuals looking to:

  • Increase running efficiency

  • Reduce the likelihood of sustaining injuries

  • Get rid of those consistent niggles and pains

  • Learn which technique drills, stretches and exercises will help with your technique and reach your goals

  • Get specific advice as to which running shoes will work best for your new technique

Running assessments can also be tailored to walking assessments.

Who is it for?

Absolutely anyone, from competitive athletes to people with no formal exercise routine can benefit from the assessment. 

Assessments can be arranged for group settings.

What is involved?

Clients are asked to demonstrate their regular running or walking style on our treadmill. Video footage and specialised software gives feedback to our podiatrist/ running specialist who can then thoroughly assess key areas of improvement. We will discuss our findings with you as well as email a summarised report of the session. Any individual exercise programs prescribed will be available for continuous perusal in our app (login details will also be emailed). 

What should I bring?

The only thing required for a running assessment is what you would normally wear on a run/ walk, including your running/ walking shoes.

How much will it cost?

Running Assessments are complimentary with Initial Biomechanical Assessments upon request. For phone bookings, please advice the receptionist that you would like this service. For online bookings, please add “Running Assessment” to the comments.

CPD for Health Professionals

We are passionate about collaborating with other health professionals and offer complimentary workshops to General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and established Running Coaches. Workshops can be held in various locations including medical practises and Gyms. Proof of continued professional development (CPD) will be provided for workshop participants.

Running workshops are available on appointment by request. Call 32675473 now to make an appointment.

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