Custom Shoes/ Footwear modifications

As well as offering advice on suitable footwear brands and styles, Principal Podiatry works closely with qualified custom shoe makers within Queensland. If you require additional support and offloading, or simply want a custom fit, bespoke shoe for increased comfort and style. Principal Podiatry can assess, discuss and arrange custom footwear modification, design and manufacture for all individuals needs. 

Some common footwear modifications include:

  • Rocker Soles

  • Medial/ lateral shoe reinforcement

  • Shoe stretching

  • Bespoke shoes

  • Custom made shoes for difficult to fit feet.

Speak to our friendly podiatrist at Principal Podiatry to see what footwear solution would be best for you. Podiatry consultations are currently available at the Banyo clinic. Call 32675473 now to make an appointment.

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