In-Grown Toe-Nails

Have you got ongoing problems with in-grown-toe-nails? Removal of the offending spicule or antibiotics may have provided temporary relief but the pain and potential infection continues to come back. Keep on reading to find out more about nail surgery technique that can permanently resolve problematic in-grown-toe-nails.

What is an In-Grown-Toe-Nail?

Banyo Podiatry Ingrown Toenail

Most often recurring In-Grown-Toe-Nails are due to poor shape of the toe nail. Ill-fitting footwear, hyper-hydrosis (sweaty feet), poor nail cutting technique and/or nail trauma can also lead to the nail pushing into the nail fold causing an In-Grown-Toe-Nail. In some occasions this can lead to infection of the affected digit. In-Grown-Toe-Nails most commonly occur in the great toe. 

What is involved in Toe-Nail Surgery?

Typically, surgery for a problematic in-grown-toe-nail is quite simple and relatively pain free. The procedure can be done in the podiatry clinic and takes under 1 hour. Administration of anaesthesia around the affected digit is the only uncomfortable component and when good technique is applied, the injection is usually well tolerated. Once anaesthesia is achieved, resection of the problematic nail part and cauterisation of the nail bed can be completed with no discomfort. Following the procedure the podiatrist will add a dressing to the toe and review it within the following week. After this period the nail is relatively easy to dress yourself and daily short salt-water baths are recommended for the week following the procedure.

Will my nail grow back?

When the toe-nail-avulsion procedure with cauterisation is used there is little chance that the problematic nail portion will grow back (studies have shown a 3-5% chance of regrowth). In most cases the post procedure nail will look almost normal. Your podiatrist will always discuss with you prior to the procedure of the portion of the nail that will be required to be removed to ensure nil recurrence.

How long until I can get back to work?

In most circumstances following Toe-Nail Surgery clients will be able to return to work the next day. Open-toe shoes are recommended for the first week as to not put additional pressure on the wound site which can delay wound healing. After one week return to use of footwear is most commonly achieved.