Sever's Disease

Are you between 8-13 years old? Have you recently increased your activity levels or returned to football? Have you got a sore heels that are worst when wearing football boots or going bare foot. You may be suffering from Sever's Disease

What is Sever's Disease?

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Contrary to its name Sever's Disease is not actually a disease. Sever's is a periodic condition that presents between the ages of 8-13 years for a period of 6-12months. During this time the growth plate at the back of the heel bone (calcaneus) is open and more fragile. Increased strain at this site, due to pull of the achilles tendon and shock at the heel bone cause increased pain.

What can be done?

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Activity reduction, calf stretches, heel raises and ice are all initial treatment options. In some cases biomechanical factors may be contributing to exacerbation of this condition. If this is the case, your podiatrist will do a full evaluation and determine whether orthotics are appropriate to reduce symptoms and get you back to activity with reduced pain.

Author: Tradd Horne- Principal Podiatry Banyo